Dully Sykes Ft. Maua Sama – Naanzaje (VIDEO + AUDIO)

Dully Sykes Ft. Maua Sama – Naanzaje (VIDEO + AUDIO)

Listen/Download brand new music from Dully Sykes Ft. Maua Sama – Naanzaje (VIDEO + AUDIO) Audio Produced by Kabuh andVideo Directed by Kwetu Studio / Traveller.

About Dully Sykes

Dully Sykes (born Abdul Sykes on 4 December 1980) is a Tanzanian musician who sings majorly in the bongo flava genre.

Also known as Mr Misifa or Mr Chicks, Dully Sykes is a bongo flava artist from Tanzania, the grand son of Adulwahid Sykes. He has performed in the UK and he is one of the pioneers of Swahili dancehall in the African Great Lakes region, and is widely known for hits like "Julieta", "Salome", "Historia ya Kweli" and "Leah". Some of his songs are based on true stories. After the first album, Historia ya kweli released in 2003, people started calling his music mwanasesele, Swahili for a high squeaky noise. With the song "Handsome" and an album by the same name, he became one of the biggest names in young urban music in Tanzania. He has produced music at his Dar es Salaam record label called.

Dhahabu Records, and continues to write songs. He has provided "hooks" to many artists including Man X's "Nimechezea Bahati" and P-Funk's "Please Forgive Me". One of his tracks, "Handsome", is on the African Rebel Music Roots reggae and dancehall CD compiled by the international record label, Out Here Records. Dully Sykes is renowned for his relevance and long stay on the game as most era mates artists have already laid low.


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