Shilole Drops New Song "VIUNO" Featuring G Nako

Shilole ft G nako – VIUNO

Shilole ft G nako – VIUNO

Shishi Gang presents brand new single from Shilole Featuring G Nako - Viuno. Produced By S2 Kizzy. 

About Shilole 

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Zena Yusuf Mohammed (born 20 December 1987, in Tanzania), known by her stage name Shilole, is a Tanzanian musician. and actress. She specializes in the R&B Zouk and new generation Tanzania music popularly known as Bongo Fleva. Shilole is considered one of the top female artists in Tanzania; her works has been nominated 3 times in KTMA, Tanzania's top music awards nomination. She has also recorded with a number of artists including Mr Camera (South Africa) and Selebobo (Nigeria). Shilole is considered as one of the most influential artist among her fans and is said to be the most loved female artist in Tanzania, the first female artist in Tanzania to clock 1 million followers on Instagram, Tanzania's most popular social network... Shilole is credited as one of the key figures in the popularization of Tanzania's new music genre Bongo Flava, as a career to upcoming female artists.
- Source Wikipedia
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