How Conference Call Works on Android


How Conference Call Works on Android

How a conference call works exactly is an interesting question that needs an easy answer. For those of you who do not know how it works, conference call is a process by which people join a group from different locations and with the help of Internet and Mobile Short Distance Protocol (ISP) they are able to communicate with each other with ease. Now in this modern era, with the help of Internet and Smartphone devices users are able to stay connected with their near and dear ones even if they are on opposite sides of the world. To make a conference call works easily android application has come up with some of the most impressive features. For instance conference call can be made very smoothly on android with special features like:

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With conference call working on android device users need not have to have any kind of experience with command lines. Android devices support multi-line conference calling, so if one needs to convey with two or more persons one just needs to type two words at the touch of a button instead of typing two commands simultaneously on the phone. This makes it very easy for the users to get information over conference call. Special features like notification on lock screen help users to get vital information even while the phone is locked. With such exclusive features, how conference call works on android is much more interesting and attractive.

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A unique feature known as double picture-in-picture-enable allows a user to take a photo and then it can be seen on the small screen of the android device. By this way a person looking into the camera can see the person sitting in front of him. Another impressive feature of the conference call works on android is interactive audio conference call. The facility enables the users to hear the conference call through his/ her mobile phone microphone. This feature is very useful when the person talking is not good in delivering speech and wants to check if someone is listening to him/her or not. The speaker can thus make efforts to increase the interest level and listen to the conference call with more interest.

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