Why Celebrate Women's Day? - International Women's Day 2021 (MARCH 8)


Why Celebrate Women's Day? - International Women's Day 2021 (MARCH 8)

The first International Women's Day is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of May every year. It is an international day of celebration for all women, no matter what their age is and irrespective of their gender. Today, more young girls and women are taking part in this day of solidarity and action. They raise their voice and fight for the rights of women around the world. The message that International Women's Day sends to the world can not be ignored and hence, we have been given this day as our part of the worldwide community.

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We have come to realize that while every country celebrates this day differently, one common factor that prevails is the demand for change. International Women's Day is one of the largest demonstrations of the human rights around the globe. This show of force by millions of women against gender discrimination, violence and poverty is one of the biggest turning points in the history of human rights. On this day, women from every country gather together with their mothers and sisters to take part in the celebrations and walk for change.

There are various reasons why we celebrate this day with such enthusiasm all around the world. One of the biggest reasons is that women have finally started accepting their right to be equal and stand equal with men. When women started to make some progress in education, employment and political activities, many people around the world were not confident about women's advancement.

However, times have changed tremendously since then. Today, we see more young girls standing up for their rights. On this day, we also see the proud mothers who fight hard for their rights like us.

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We also have to remember that women's day is not just about us. It's about the whole world. In fact, women's day was created by a man - President Barack Obama. He wanted to see that day when all Americans to celebrate the accomplishments of women. We often associate this day with the US but actually, it can be seen around the world. Millions of people from countries all over the world take part in this event and they not only get to celebrate the achievements of their loved ones, they also get to learn and contribute to the betterment of the world.

To most people, the very idea of women's day seems to be a source of humor because there is no other holiday like it in the entire year! In a way, we should not just be happy that we got to celebrate this special day with our family and friends, but we should also be thankful that we live in a time when women have so much power and influence. Who knows what else we could achieve if women's day becomes a successful worldwide movement. The best thing that we could do at this point in time would be to enjoy what we have and appreciate everyone's efforts in making this day a happy one for all around the world.

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