Things you dont know about Mortal Kombat Movie And Game


Things you dont know about Mortal Kombat Movie And Game

The movie "Mortal Kombat" is one of the rare examples of a movie that succeed in the mainstream and actually created an audience for video games. Combining martial arts with super powers, the movie "Mortal Kombat" takes the world of video games and subverts them in a spectacular way. Combining two of the most popular genres of entertainment, "Mortal Kombat" taps into both younger audiences and older generations. Because it is a video game, it does not have the same stigma as other, non-video game entertainment. In fact, it is the only movie that has its own dedicated following, which makes it all the more remarkable.a

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A martial arts expert who seeks to defeat an evil vampire, the warrior is known as Sub-Zero arrives on earth only to find a new man, Kitana, who is a practitioner of the ninja arts. Hunted by the evil warrior Sub Zero, a teenage boy named Cole encounters the warrior and is forced to join his side. Training with master warriors Kung Lao, Kung and Liu Kang, Cole is prepared to face the enemies from Outworld in an epic battle for the world. Meanwhile, a mysterious warrior appears on earth to stop the conflict.


The movie starts with a brutal battle between the forces of good and evil. As the fight continues, more powerful characters are added to the mix. 

In order to defeat the evil sorceress named sorceress, Shao Kahn set up a battle between the earthworm, Cole, and mortal kombat's master swordsman, Shang Tsung. Out of frustration, Cole kills Shang Tsung and flees to earth, where he lives in the outer reaches of the earth realm. However, when the forces of the Shifar invade the earth, the evil sorcerer attacks Cole and freezes him. In order to save his friend, Cole has no choice but to enter the Shattering World, where he battles the evil sorceress and his army of evil warriors.

The fighting in the video game is the same as that of the arcade version of the game. A typical move consists of a spinning kick followed by a leaping single strike. In addition, the control stick can be used to execute other special moves such as flying, pounding on an opponent, or utilizing objects such as chairs, tables, walls or other vehicles. All of these moves are executed quite effective when done correctly. The two types of fatalities in the game include the classic one where the character simply falls to the ground and becomes vulnerable; and the sub-zero one in which the character pits his/her body against the floor, leaving himself/her prone to freezing and being frozen solid.

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In Mortal Kombat legends, Scorpion is the only main character who dies in the main movie. He does, however, appear in the movie Mortal Kombat: Tournament Edition, where he is featured alongside the other tournament champions. The game itself features various other fighters that appear throughout the movie, and are fought by the movie's good guys, the villains featured in the movie are Scorpion, Shinnok and Drahasta, and the ultimate boss of the movie is Ebony Fox.

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