Gangwe Mobb Feat Seki | Simulizi la Ufasaha (Audio)

featured imageGangwe Mobb Feat Seki | Simulizi la Ufasaha (Audio)

Gangwe Mobb Feat Seki | Simulizi la Ufasaha

Gangwe Mobb ni moja ya makundi makali ya Hip Hop kuwahi kutokea Tanzania iliundwa na Wasanii wawili kutoka Mitaa ya Temeke ambao ni Inspekta Haroun na Luten Kalama.

Ngoma hii ya Simulizi la Ufasaha ni ngoma iliyopatikana na kubeba jina la Album ya SIMULIZI LA UFASAHA iliyotoka Mwaka 2002.

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Bongo Flava is the nickname for Tanzanian music. The genre developed in the 1990s, mainly as a derivative of American hip hop and traditional Tanzanian styles such as taarab and dansi, with additional influences from reggae, R&B, afrobeat, a combination that forms a unique style of music. Lyrics are usually in Swahili or English. – Source WIKIPEDIA

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