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Bongo Exclusive (BETV) is a trusted digital media brand dedicated to helping consumers and business makers. We show case your Product and services in front of our Millions of readers. 

Bongo Exclusive TV welcomes adverts of all kind apart from porn companies. Gambling companies are so free to hit us via our contacts. We accept advert banners from sectors, such as: music sectors(artistes, producers, record label owners), gambling brands, electronics brands, telecommunications, movies, sports, events, cosmetics, beverages and drinks, interior design brands, website/domain/web hosting brands, kids accessories brands, Jewelry, clothing and footwear brands and furniture brands. 
Types of Banners Kossyderrickent accepts:
▪️ 728 x 90 – [Leaderboard]  ▪️ 300 x 250 – [Medium Rectangle]  ▪️ 160 x 600 – [Skyscraper]  ▪️ 300 x 300 [large Rectangle]  ▪️ 300 x 600 [Wide Sckyscrapper]  ▪️ 320 x 50 [Small Mobile Ads Banner]  ▪️ 320 x 100 [Large Mobile Ads Banner]  ▪️ 1280 x 1024 – [Site Background Takeover]. 

Video Ads – Gone are the days of boring Adverts. We offer all kind of Video Ads that Auto plays on our platform to drive massive attention and awareness to your compaign.  Rich Media Ads – Forget boring Ads, interact with your Potential Customers using Engage & Unique kind of Ads.  Text Ads – A Text Format Link Shown on our Mobile Site Pages .
NOTE: We charge per week for advert banners.

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