Lulu Diva Biography

Lulu Diva Biography

Lulu Diva (Lulu la Diva, Sexy Lady) born as Lulu Abbas on March 21, 1995 in Tanga, Tanzania to a businessman and a court clerk. When she was 8 her family moved to Dar es Salaam and she has been there since then. She released her first single, Milele featuring Barnaba on Dec 2016. She was a second runner of 2013 Pwani beauty contest and first runner of Kibaha beauty contest. In 2015, she appeared on Mirror’s music video Naogopa as a video vixen. Since then she appeared on handful of videos such as Belle 9’s Burger Movie Selfie, Baraka de prince’s Pamela and others still in production.

 Her fame has been fueled by her strong social media presence. She grew up listening to popular music of the late nineties, and began singing. She grew up in Tanzania, Dar es Salaam city when she came from Tanga. Those early struggles, lulu has said, helped fuel her drive to rise above the life of her parents knew. “I was always a model and an actress, and I always wanted to be a singer. For me , it’s all just one thing.” To reach that point, however, the Lulu diva developed personas for herself that would allow her to be a “new person.”

Her first break came in 2013, when the 18 years old back then became the second runner of Miss Pwani beauty contest and first runner of Miss Kibaha beauty contest. Those contests helped her modeling career in Tanzanian music video industry. Later on, she landed on a series of small acting job. Determined to make it in the music business, lulu diva took on backup singing roles for local Tanzanian artist. Later she starts singing her own music.


Lulu start acting and done some of the movies such as PAIN OF LOVE with Vincent Kigosi (Ray) and NIKABU together with Kitale (in Macho Media Production) also acting TV’s series called HUBA at Africa magic on DSTV. Along with her acting, Lulu focused on her burgeoning music career by recording a song called “MILELE”.


Lulu Diva is a new upcoming Bongo fleva and afro-pop artist; Lulu diva’s musical career also began to take off as she released her first music single in 2016, MILELE featuring Barnaba Classic. Her role model in music industry is Beyoncé who influence her to love doing music since she was child. Lulu is new in the music industry, for the first time but she breakthrough from social media particularly after she released the video of MILELE song, then within a week the video viewed by more than 200K fans of Tanzania and East Africa coverage. By then that trends make her fame for being the first upcoming artist to hit those views in Bongo Fleva music atmosphere ever.
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