10 things you can do to make your B'day week memorable

10 things you can do to make your B'day week memorable

 1. Shop Online before a week of your B'day and let the gifts arrive on your doorstep. Shop in a format that you receive a new parcel every other day in your special week. I understand most of us already have this habit of spoiling ourselves!

2. Plan to spare a day before/after your Birth date to spend time doing charity, good work or "seva". There's this out of world feeling that you get when you add value to world, help in making it a better place. Be it in any form you believe! E.g- Spend quality time with Elders in Old age home, Get gifts and cake for children at some Orphanage, plant a Tree, visit Mandir/ Gurdwara/ Church/ Masjid and contribute in the way you believe!

3. Celebrate your B'day in two halves. One dedicated to family and other one to your friends. Tell them how special they are to you, not just to your friends but to your parents most importantly. This is their special day too! Real taste is when you have a party going on for whole of that week, If you're social enough.

4. Donate some old clothes to the lesser fortunate and also get rid of the Trash that you think you need but in real you don't. A day before your B'day week, gather all the stuff you own in your room and focus on each item clearly, ask yourself if it really adds value to your life/surrounding, anymore. If not, it's time to say "Goodbye".

4. Make two lists just after your special day. One that marks all the that you've achieved/ done in the gone year and one that lists all your plans and targets ahead . Year after year you'll have a bunch of collective written memories and not just pictures in phone gallery.

5. Book yourself a luxury spa session. A full body spa!!! There are many professional Thai spa centers available in market now a days. I book one for myself on all special occasions and it leaves me divinely ready for the big day!

 6. Cut off the grudges!! Randomly reach out to one lost friendship and talk it out. Sort it out and move ahead! Upon trying this daring act will make you feel so good that you would thank me later.

7. Gift yourself something! Anything that you love! Anything that you absolutely need! Anything that seemed off limits and you kept waiting for a special occasion to get your hands on them! That's what savings account is for ;)

8. Buy yourself a new book. Do some research or ask a bibliophile! Reading has never been easy for me and might not be for many of you as well but promise yourself to read your pick till the end. Books have so much to teach us that we've absolutely no idea about.

9. Pamper yourself with the best dress, shoes and accessories you can afford and not rely on someone to do the same for you! You deserve to stand out on your special day :)

10. Make few promises to yourself for the new venture. Be yourself, wear what you love, plan to eat healthy, save some extra bucks for a luxury travel, call your parents more often, let go off people who degrade you, make more friends, exercise regularly and try more hobbies. 

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