Philosophy of Life - The Science of Exposing the Truth

Philosophy of Life - The Science of Exposing the Truth

The Philosophy of Life is a sort of esoteric natural philosophy. Some people call it "evolutionism". It states that the world and everything in it is "hereditary", and all living beings, even plants, are related to one another. Ayn Rand wrote a great deal about this in her "Atlas Shrugged" novels.

The belief in the uniqueness of each individual begins with an examination of nature. It is then said that if a thing can be unique in relation to its surrounding environment, it can also be unique in its relationship to its own nature, its history, its experience, and so on. Every individual has a history, a culture, a development, a background, and so on. In other words, each individual lives in a "self-contained" existence. All others are part of a larger whole that exists independently of him.

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The "God-consciousness" of an individual believes that he is separate from everything in the universe. He is the unitary cause of all that exists, including himself, yet everything in the universe is relative to everything else. That is, in order for something to exist, something else must exist or else something else would have to not exist. The separate existence of an individual is nothing more than the illusion of independence from the rest of the world.

This is similar to the idea that physics is "fine-tuned" to fit the data of observation. What I mean is that what exists at any given time is actually in accordance with what can be measured. It is not random. It's not chance. It is real.

From this perspective, one could say that everything in the universe has a purpose. The purpose could be described in terms of function, alignment, design, form, function, efficiency, effect, or any number of other words. The function indicates a working condition. The design describes the act of making something particular. Form describes shape.

Each part of the universe exists for a reason. The purpose of each part is designed for its role in the grand scheme of things. Each part exists for the purpose of supporting life. It is a fact of nature that a living thing needs a host for survival. In the "real" world, that means a combination of living cells and nonliving matter such as energy, etc.

Therefore, each part of the body corresponds directly to the function it supports. The physical body is made up of cells. Those cells communicate with each other through chemical signals. Neurons in the brain are the key to sending those signals. The conscious (or mental) mind functions through the nervous system and so on.

The mind can be explained in physical terms as the workings of our bodies. Our cells communicate with one another through chemical and electrical activity. The conscious or mental mind is nothing more than the workings of our physical mind. There is nothing "super' or "super intelligent" than the physical system - so nothing 'substantial' or 'immaterial' as it is used in quantum physics.

We live in material reality. However, that doesn't mean that the rest of the world doesn't exist. Everything above is matter in its physical state - which is another way of saying that life is physical too. In this material reality, we have what scientists call "finite mass" - atoms in perfect balance, waiting for their ultimate act to occur. If you study this enough, you'll find that the laws of cause and effect are the same in both worlds - where everything comes into being at the same time, the matter will simply cease to exist.

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Now let's examine the relationship between consciousness and matter. Consciousness itself is nothing more than the unfolding of the physical structures we call neurons. Neurons function by sending and receiving electromagnetic signals. And the matter is composed of atoms and molecules, with each having its own respective structure and composition.

Hence, when you think, your conscious mind is composed of structure (neurons) and matter (axons and protons). The structure of your body is a function of your mind, your thoughts, and your emotions. Your emotional state (your mood) is a function of your physical frame (how you feel emotionally). And these three things are interconnected, one cannot exist without the other, and they work together to shape your experience.

In a nutshell, your physical life, your thoughts, and your emotions are holographic shells of an underlying energetic reality. You are what you think, do, and feel, and these things are part of the matrix of reality that has a purpose, a direction, and a reason. That is your true reality, and it is the only reality you've ever been created with. What you experience is just the tip of the iceberg...

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